Kenai Fjords – Alaska

Many pay a ton of money to take the Alaska cruise.  I had seen photos that one of my friends had taken on her Alaska cruise – the food looked yummy and there was pretty scenery with mountains and glaciers in the distance. We are not the type to sit around a luxury cruise ship so we drove around parts of Alaska. As part of this trip, we stayed 2 nights in Seward, an interesting town, close to Seward glacier and went on a day cruise to Kenai Fjords national Park with Kenai Fjords Tours. It was the most enjoyable experience!

Being much smaller than the cruise ship, the boat travels closer to the shore so you see the wonderful waterfalls and nesting bald eagles, it also goes deeper into the inlets to observe the glaciers up close and more importantly does not scare marine life that comes close to the boat and the captain can stop and you can snap away !!

We had booked the seats in advance and picked up the tickets at the booth in the morning for our 8-9 hr National Park tour. You should order lunch buffet with the cruise because it is delicious!

Though it started out little cloudy, it turned into a wonderful sunny day. Being on the water in September, it was chilly but that didn’t keep us indoors. The boat is very stable. We had a very good captain who pointed out bald eagle’s nests, otters, seals etc. We were also very lucky to encounter a humpback whale who kept swimming on either side of the boat, waving its fins and enjoying all the “ooh-aah” attention it was getting. Normally humpback whales already depart by September. We also saw many killer whales which stay longer in these waters. Cruise was very scenic with waterfalls tumbling into the fjord at various points. The star attraction was the Aialik glacier which rumbled loudly and calved big chunks of ice, sending out huge waves many times. The seals perched on the ice bergs floating in the frigid waters.


Here is our friendly humpback and many orcas



Seeing the glacier calving and getting close to marine life was such an amazing experience!





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