Denali Highway – Alaska

After our visit to the Denali NP, we drove the Denali Hwy which goes from Cantwell near Denali NP to Paxson which is on the way to Valdez. It is 135 miles of gravel road absolutely doable in a small sedan as long as you are driving in summer and it is not raining. Main roads in my state have more potholes than this road. There are no gas stations or any services so you need to make sure that you have enough gas before embarking on this trip. You also need to drive at about 30 mph so the gravel does not fly and damage your car windshield. We saw very very few vehicles on the day we drove which was good because it is a one lane road and there is very little shoulder to pull over if a large vehicle comes in the other direction. It is very scenic and tempting to stop in the middle of the road to take a photo but after couple times, my husband refused to stop 😦 and I had to be content taking photos from the slow bumpy moving car.img_0012

We saw caribou herds along the way. There were also hunters, I hope they live off the land and don’t just kill the caribou for sport.img_0105

I would highly recommend this drive, for the absolutely gorgeous scenery!


These horses were by the only pull out we saw on the road. I wish we were able to find owners of these horses and go riding for couple hours but there was nobody in sight.img_0135-1



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